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Hey there!

Welcome to my personal website. This is my home on the web, where I keep a little of my portfolio of audio production, voiceover work and some other random things…

Find out more about me by heading to the (aptly titled) About page, listen to some clips, ads and other goodies, as well as some visual stimulation on the Demo page, get in touch via the Contact page, or check out my other projects or visit some of my friends and random assorted online things by clicking a few of my Links.

I hope you dig the site and enjoy the time you spend here!


And now, for the "legal" things I think should be included:
All material on this site was created - or was contributed to - by Steve Palazzo Jr., and all material is owned, licensed or credited to the respective copyright owners, or is presented with permission. Please do not copy, distribute or alter the content found on this site without receiving permission (its just not a nice thing to do!). If any content on this site is determined to be offensive, misleading or misused, please contact me, and the issue can be resolved in a timely fashion.

(I sure hope that covers all my bases… but if not, just let me know.)